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billboard. In this kind of advertisement, person carries a Lookwalker billboard on his back and then moves in the market. Also, this billboard glows using a battery. This leaves an everlasting impression on the customers. This kind of innovative advertisement has the Highest Recall Rate Of The Brand and that’s what the real purpose of advertisement and innovation is.

This being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences. In lookwalker walking billboard advertisement Advertising Walker walks with the crowd, and makes a incomparable impression. Look walker (iwalker, ad walker) is a best medium to create Buzz in a market.

Look Walker Advertising is a creative and Innovative advertising agency. It is dedicated to creating, Innovative Planning, and Handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotions and marketing for its clients. It is a company that offers a combination of strategy, Design, Technology and Advertising services to its clients. It is creative or expert lead. Its made up primarily of creative professional, and its often strongly defined by values. We value our clients and there brands, and therefore we give them our best and beyond creating value, We believe in forging awesome long-term relationship.

Lookwalker can be used at

Store launching

Product launching

Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion

Special Promotions

Movie promotions

Look Walker Display Advertising
look walker advertising in coimbatore

Lookwalkers are known as Human pop-ups or walking billboards. An innovative concept, lookwalkers are a perfect medium to spread brand awareness. They carry light and quality light weight billboards which are the voice of your brand.

Look Walker is a mobile advertising format, consists of backlit LED illumination, front and rear billboards perfectly positioned to view at any angle and at sight reaching distance. Look Walker is crafted in a compact backdrop structure easy to carry on human shoulders and light in weight to handle. Above all Look Walker is eco-friendly, and an initiative to contribute towards climate change.

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